Sunday, December 16, 2012

Destination between ..sekupang batam harbour to waterfront harbour singapore ...

Ramzi smart travel | Sekupang Batam harbour to waterfront Singapore | some Indonesians people more likes to go to Singapore from batam , so do us. Some of our family had gone to singapore from jakarta , medan and pekanbaru had concentrate in batam and  then goes to singapore through sekupang harbour batam .For you whose had planning to go to singapore from batam this is some destinations thats you will saw as long as your coast travel trip.

Some fiber shipwith a middle wide is much used as a sea transportation from batam , as same as some harbour are exist to used to across to singapore from batam.

Some ships are exist for example batam fast , wave master , sindo , waterfront and others are ready  from 06.00 wib in the  morning untill 09.00 pm at the night time.

Some harbour are also ready to crossing to the singapore like sekupang harbour , batam center harbour , marina city harbour , harbour bay and other. Harbour bay and batam centre is the near harbour from nagoya as a crowded town in batam.

aA traditional sailor boat when we begin the trip , blues sea water with a green island as a background.

Another fiber ships beside of our ships , its brings a passenger from singapore ti batam indonesia.For you whose want to go and back by ships .you better to buy a go and return tickets.More cheaps of course thans buy one way ticket

At the end of the waterfront ships or always tell as " buritan " , some sea wave that shape by ship with a white bubble in the blue sea water.

Dstination the side view of the ships with a blue sea water and shadow of  a white cloudy that describe in the  wave of the water.

A container ships when face in an opposite ways with our ship . Some of big container and tanker ships are parking in the singapore terithory. When you see in the back of a ships it will can see a singapore high building as a background of this view.

Sea coast view merlions can we see as a confirmations that this island purpose our trips is a singapore nations.This merlions are exist  and stand in sentosa island.

One of many hotel in sentosa island singapore , Rasa sentosa hotel

Anothers destinations beautiful building before arrive at singapore waterfront harbour  , so calm , nice and wonderful building as a wellcome greeting for indonesian people whose visite to singapore.

Cable car above of the sea are any other hypno destinations before we are arrive and landing in singapore . This cable car are can used as an alternatif way to the sentosa island from World Trade Centre singapore.

Big proped up of the cable car to support a big cable that may be heaviest loads and long distant resist of load.

one again a specific building in front of the waterfront harbour as sentosa belongs

The last one is we arrived in the waterfront harbour of singapore , shootng befor landing in singapore. in the right side is WTC and left side is  vivo-city

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