Sunday, December 2, 2012

Padang food and indonesians food at lucky plaza orchad road singapore

Ramzi smart travel | padang food and indonesians food in singapore | For indonesians people and others whose like and hobbiest with padang cooks and padang foods in singapore . Its did not hard and head ache to looking for padang kuliner . Its easy for us to found food cookings in orchads road especially in nature sense of indonesia or padang food

when order a food in nasi padang counter in a base floor of lucky plaza , feel like at home in indonesia because of  can found a spicy sensations.

This is a list of menu in the wall of this nasi padang counters , we can choice food as we want as price that write beside its.It's begin from 3,5 $ singapore or with 1 $ singapore = Rp 8.100 it will be about Rp 37.000 for the cheapest food.

This is one of counter that call as indonesians food in the same area , and you also can see the menu list and price food list.

Finish with a stomach programe then you can choice a travel place that speed route by used  saighseeing , duck and hyppo bus , low cost and speed programe for no long stay in singapore.

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