Sunday, December 2, 2012

Confuse in singapore ?......Singapore Visitor centers is the answer

ramzi smart travel | Singapore visitor centre | When holiday and spend your time with traveling to singapore it so much travel place are ready in singapore but you confuse because so much place is imposible to visite in a few day. Traveling with walking only make tired by rental car or taxi it is so exspensive.So to covert many place in a day you can visite many place with one route you can used  3 type bus that can ro rounded for 2-3 times a day for about 20 travel place.and you can turn on and turn out at every bus stations.Sightseeing bus , the original tour , duck and hippo and others , this bus have different route. so you can choice one bus for one day and you can visite all of place that consist of the route.

Singapore visite centre is a place that you can looking for informations about place in singapore for every place. This office is easy to meet beside of orchad road with a big word in a wall of the office.Some leaflet , brosur , map , picture , Route MRT , Route of bus and other can be found in this place , the smart custom and honely make informations more accurate , but you must asking in english langguage sure.

This is a map of bus for traveling route can we see and buy ticket at this place. with only 18 $ for adult and 9 $ singapore you can ro route for one day to about 20 place.Especial for duck and hyppo its can change as a ships and traveling above a river.To buy a ticket you also can buy at suntech city with the same price.

1. Sightseeing bus .

ticket price adult 23 $ singapore and child for 13 $ singapore

2. the original tour bus

Ticket price for adult 18 $ singapore and for child 9 $ singapore

3. duck and hyppo bus

in the road

in the river

with a singpore flyer for adult 49 $ singapore and for children 29 $ singapore

this bus have different route for each other so you can choice what area and place you will see.For tour in the river only duck and hyppo your choice but the price is little expensive from the others.

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