Monday, December 24, 2012

Specials cake gift from batam...Banana's cake and dragon's fruit cake.

Ramzi Smart travel | special cake from batam | If you go to batam at the old time some people always looking  for an electronic with low price , but now batam have a special gift cake as oleh-oleh from batam . its call as banana's cake  and dragon,s fruit cake This specific fruit is easy to get . At hang nadim airport it can buy with a low price .

Villa banana's cake can buy a piece with a Rp 42.000,- this cake have a stand in air port and always ready for bring to your place with a good packing . Some variant sense of cake make like a chocolate banana's cake , strawberrys banana's cake and others.

Cake buah naga or dragon's fruit cake is a cake thats make with a combinations of a dragons fruit in a cake . As we know that first developed of dragon's fruits garden is in batam some dragon's fruits farmer have wide garden in batam.So this potentions had make some people to make a specific cake like dragon's fruit cake.This cake price is about rp 45.000 ,- per price.

as we know dragons fruit is devide as white consist and red consist . as our experience the red one is more sweet and nice then the white one.

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