Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Vivo city , first walking place in singapore from batam

Ramzi smart travel | Vivo city  | So much fasilities had exist in this palace like a water front harbour , mall , bus station , taxi station , imigrations , monorail station to sentosa island and others.A wide place that first view for a people whose visite to singapore from any other place make it open mind as describe a singapore for all place. So many people from many nations a found in this place.Some view of the vivo city as magnetic place for the guest are can see below.

This place are open ground of the vivo city with many accessories that make the vivo city make so wonderfull , some people seem to be sit in the chairs for relax after window shopping or thrue shopping in the mal. Or for a new visitor the first come to singgapore . seek this scenery make the soul so rest. And for the smoker some time an open ground is used for spend one or two cigarette , because in the mall it actvity is forbidden.

Inside of the mall in vivo city , we can meet a rest place , food centre than similar with a asian tongue taste.So make it sure after take a long trip with the ships and queue in the immigration  , may be we are tired and hungry . Some food centre like mc donalds , kfc which famous in all the world branded as a fast food are ready at this place.As you came out of the immigration gate yoe will meet a mall of WTC and vivo city mall.With 8 $ singapore you will give Mc donalds package potatoes , 2 fried chickens with a drink.Must be  remember that in mc donalds did not have a rice so for the people whose came from indonesia or malaysia can order a rice in this place.

This is one of  ships terminal in waterfront harbour which us come and landed in singapore from our ships.This terminal is same with a batam harbour, did not different .

Vivo city view from the sea , seem so beautiful and we also can see a clean sea water so make a beautiful enhance.in our eyes.It really make me jealous when see a water in some indonesian harbours.

Queue in the singapore immigrations , in peaks season like long holiday seem so long and soo boring. For some time i hade go to singapore maybe this fifth time fell so long time must be spend in this immigrations queue.That many planning are can do cause of that.some of the planning must be pending.

Vivo city from many view shooting 

another nice design of vivo city that make we are interest to shoot it.

a gate where we waiting for a taxi or bus in the base floor of the vivo city mall . A people are seem to regulated  a passenger with a taxi driver. In this time we rental a bus for 15 people so if we must used a taxi may be we need three taxi to the orchad hotel so we choice to a bus for 60 $ singapore we thinks it may be similar with cost for used three taxi. 


Freya Renders said...

Hi Ramzi, beautiful post ! I love Singapore and I have been there quite a few times but I have never been to Vivo City. It is definitely on my list now for when I'm next in Singapore. Great photos.

Ramzi Asrial said...

morning freya ...singapore is nice nations and have many place as traveling destinations. My distric is near from singapore so thats why i always spend my holiday in this countries. Just use a ships i can entrance to singapore..tq