Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Merdada lake , an exiting lake from dieng banjarnegara

Ramzi smart travel | Merdada lake | one of few lake that exist by nature in dieng banjarnegara highland that so exiting for my eyes . As we know that dieng is devided under two district government thats is wonosobo and banjarnegara.So merdada lake is take place at banjarnegara district.Some traveling destinations are exist in this district like arjuna temple , gatot kaca temple , muzeum , merdada lake , seliki crater , sun rise place and lets go to mardada lake for the first.

Dieng with many many place for tour and travel destination is really adventage for the dieng people because so much valaue adding  is make by a God with variatious place as traveling purpose like a lake , a crater , a temple , a muzeum , a climate , beautiful garden , a few cave , specific food , gift and a gimbal hair.

Merdada lake is small lake with a nature scenery . a potatoes garden are decorations in around of the lake make our eyes never boring to see this merdada lake and it value added with a green of the potatoes leaf that cleare describe . we can see the hills is around the lake make it so hypno your feel.

a green brown water of the merdada lake with a hill shadow at the water surface 

this open ground place is exist at above of the mardada lake when we us arrive at this lake locations. a function of this open ground is for parking area for the car ar bus of the guest.You can see a lake for only 5.000 IRD for a maintenence this place.

a boarding informations about this lake.To get this place we must use a car about 15 minute use he way to a righ turn road to the banjarnegara way.from a centre of dieng town.

the way to the lake turn below and see the heaven plece in the dieng

a calm water of mardada lake , some fisher are see do it fishing hobbies activity in this lake.

get an inspirations also can do it beside of this lake with take fresh oxygen in a free air above .

some new planting of the potatoes garden which the land os cover by a plastic to regulate the land from over watery by tha rain.

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