Saturday, January 12, 2013

Five branch of road ( Simpang lima ) Semarang and its activity in the morning last year 2012

Ramzi smart travel | Five branch of road semarang | Simpang lima semarang is an open ground of semarang that cal as alun-alun by a semarang people is take place at centre of semarang . Some building are stand up with a glory and high beside and around of the wide open ground. some building  like ciputra building , mosque , office and other are can be found here . This some activity and picture than are recording in a static picture by my camera.

This is a big board that tell as " alun-alun simpang lima semarang ". This place is get alive when holiday especially in the morning same wave of activity like sporting , jogging ,biking , foot ball or walking only had record in this place .

Some semarang people always spend the time in the afternoon for playing ground get a relax with family in this place.Many food merchant , kids merchant , baverage merchant and others are crowded in this place all of holiday time so you can choose what do you want to buy in this place.

Five branch of road semarang view from baiturrahmah mosque 

Baiturrahmah mosque is one of building around of  the five branch of road semarang

one of a food trader in front of baiturrahmah  mosque , she had sell many tradisional food which sitting above a plastic mattras that call as " lesehan ". some traditional food are found like vegetable processing with a bean that call as pecal , some chicken satay  ,  potato process food or call as pergedel and others.

Hotel ciputra are stand beside of this locations

Baiturrahmah mosque tower are stand in front of santika hotel

some small scooter are also rental for a kids in this place .

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