Friday, January 4, 2013

Wonosobo : a cool place in centre of java as travelling destinations

Ramzi smart travel | Wonosobo destinations | wonosobo is one of district in centre of java , a highland with cool temperature . Surface of the land is contuuring with high and low place so its did not flat.this distric always rain seasons and wet . so when we arrive in wonosobo in the morning at desember 29 , 2012 the wind is feel so cool it fell until the deep bone and muscle.It make shivering and rigid in our muscle fibre.

view of wonosobo district when we arrive from semarang by a car.Situasions of this time is in morning time , so many people may be still sleeping when we arrive and we can't see and meet a people and  car around of this road.

When arrive in semarang stations by a train from jakarta for about 6 hour . we arrive in train station on 02.30 am its too morning , and a xenia type car rental  had waiting for me and we thorough away to the distric wonosobo and dieng plateu.From semarang until wonosobo we spend about 3 hour.and the picture above is a city when came in to the centre of wonosobo city.

another lonely road in wonosobo , if you want to go to dieng beatifully scenery sure you must pass away wonosobo district as a unusual way that used by tour and travel agencies.

highway beside of wonosobo open ground that cal as alun-alun , saw so calm in this morning 

Sumbing mountain a beautiful view of mount from alun-alun that protected a wonosobo with it big and strong body.It see the peak of  sumbing mountain are close by a cloud in this fresh morning , make this time like big dream in my brain.

a sculpture with back ground a sumbing mountain make it so different 

In the others side we can see the sculpture with sundoro mountain as a back ground

breakfast with goedeg wonosobo , in this morning make it special sensations

order of yhe food goedec with a chicken

sitting in the floor with base platted mat , that call as " lesehan " in Indonesia terms

a special menu that we order a rice with an egg + purple vegetable + hot chilli+skin of cow that dryed and eat with a special dishes. cool season and hot food it is best combination in my stomach.. This dish is did not must be wash every end of breakfast . only change the banana leaf , clean by a tissue or dry clothe and after eating the leaf was take to the waste box . it mean dispossible used.

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