Thursday, January 3, 2013

Labersa hotel and restaurant : hotel with 8 floor chinese oriental restaurant

Ramzi smart travel | Labersa hotel and restorant in pekanbaru | Looking for a hotel with 5 star in pekanbaru ofcourse you have 2 choice the first is jatra hotel obove of mall pekanbaru and the others is Labersa hotel . Actually this labersa hotel is take place at the edge of pekanbaru city but take place at at kampar district.Labersa it means " lapan ber saudara" its indinesians akronim.Where is the owner have an 8 children.

Except hotel , labersa also have a nice restorant at 8 floor of this hotel with a chinese concept . and the name of this restourant is chinese oriental restorant . this restorant have an open ground area to looking a view around of the hotel .

This hotel have a wide area and also have a water boom playing ground and golf area.

Some meeting and congress rooms also ready here with a wide conventions room with more than 2000 people capacity.Some congress and workshops had been doing in this conventions .

a chinese oriental restorant view from an open ground area at 8 floor of labersa hotel

The open ground area of the restorant

view of  the hotel area shoot from the open ground of  restorant

another angle view , and elephant monument see from above 

side view of the hotel shoot from above

A ceremony that do to dr bukit p siahaan SpPD whose had much support and developed the bangkinang hospital , untill now

An arrangement of table with red in colouring and opening begin with a a cup of tea and then change every 10 minute with various food like a crab , soup , dry rice , fish and others.

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