Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sikidang crater : a famous destinations crater in dieng wonosobo

Ramzi smart travel | Sikidang crater | is one of many crater that famous in dieng , hot sulfur buble water with a white cloud closed asky above of the crater.This situations make a specific picture when see far from the crater. Sikidang crater is not far from a warna lake and dieng theatre may be about 5 minute from warna lake.

Sikidang crater take place in wonosobo , as seen in this picture from the hill which stand beside of this crater.a crater is about 25 meter in diametre and full with smoke so the rim of edge is some time canot seen because closed by the smoke and it also depend of the wind flow.

The land at the edge of this crater is gray in colour its defferent with the others land which have brown in colour.We also can see a hedge around of the edge of the crater as a savety permitted.Because a boilled water sulfur that came from the deeps layers of the world can make scald burn in your body and danggerous of your soul when you fall to the crater.

This is a building that have 2 nd floors as a seek place to the crater . this place is first building that build by the wonosobo district government to view a crater from above and exist beside of the parking area. some tradisional shope and store are can found around this parking area.

If we saw to the left side of the seek place , we can see this picture a gift market place and the parking area place.

At the right view we can see a smoke , crater and wall of the hill with the gray colouring sand that give a contrast colouring which green at the back.

From parking area we can reach a crater in about 5 minute by walking in the sand thot not flat , irreguler and have many stone.But if you tired or lazy you can used a motor cycle or use a horse with compensations by some rupiah.

used a horse with guaide by the owner of this horse can arrive in this location in 5 minute and you must pay in about  40.000 IDR for  go and return.The horse will wait of the passenger untill finish in the crater.

If you did not like with a smell of sulfur smoke you can buy a marker that much sell in the parking area for 5.000 IDR 

Some motor cycle is also will be rent for the guest by the owner for 50.000 IDR by motor cycle the time more simple to reach the crater.

on the way with riding a horse the crater

At the edge of crater , must be carefull don't too closed to the crater especially for a child its danggerous.

a water as consist of the crater is so hot , always give smoke and danggerous , if you want to cook an egg maybe will can be eat in many time

view from an up side of the crater , some people are like take a picture from this place by climbing a hill

An information from the government about warning in the crater , actually so much crater in dieng but some of the crater production a toxic gas that can harm and danngerious people like sinila crater and others toxic crater . this toxic craters is forbidden to be visite by a guest.

This full information can you see in the dieng theatre film about , history , people and place of dieng.

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