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Warna lake or telaga warna , the famous destination place in dieng plateu

Ramzi smart travel | warna lake or telaga warna | the famous expose and publications of the dieng is this lake . Different colouring of the lake make cause of consist the water . Sulfur is generaly make a water of the lake is describe green colouring. so make the beautiful lake if we see  Is it view from above the small hill or flat in surface of the this lake nothing alive and the other one is dark lake with which is not consist of sulfur so this lake have alive so much people have a keep fish place for eat , sell and others.

The green lake one is bigger from the yellow or dark lake others.The sulfur in a big and near lake is reflected green colour when the sun bright shoot it water surface . i was remember with my old post about linow lake in manado as a centre of north celebes or sulawesi.

To take this picture we must climbing a small hill that stand beside the lake for about 15 minute to reach peak of this hill and you can see the best location for record or shoot the warna lake . high of the slope is about 30-40 meter yes if describe like building its similar with a building about 12 floor.thired enought but so enchant.

Parking area of the warna lake , see wide enough but in peak season or in holiday time this parking area fell so small cause of much vehicle are parking at the same time.Like in this picture take at morning time and we are come to the warna lake and when we back the parking area had full. In peak season a parking ticket is can reach 5.000,IDR for one times parking

Some building is used as a gift shop and also sell a spesific kuliner like carica a pepaya like fruit but more small . some other are sell a tsirt , pet , sal and others.Especial had sell an edelweiss flower that pick from the  higgest place in dieng.

Entrance and exit gate to the telaga warna or warna lake location.Some destinations are can we found in side of this area except a lake also have cave in about 3 variant , back way to the dieng plateu theatre , and  others.

Label from an indonesia forrestri minister about conservations of this area , all of plant , animal and others is forbiddent to disturb and broken by law.

Ticket entrace price is about 7.500 IDR per person for 1 day . You can spend a day if you need . The guaide man are also ready here to explain for you about this destination place and help you too , to take picture.If you glad with the guide you can give more but if you don't like it up to you.

some destinations are write in the board that stand and see when we first arrive at the lake.Some sing are explaine for us about semar cave , cumur cave , jaran cave , pengilon lake and others that make by IPB student from bogor.

view from the edge of the warna lake nice god give for more to the dieng people.greatfull

another view shoot ..give shadow of the hill and dust is saw in the green lake water . Like a mirror at home ..big mirror.

the  seson in this lake are quick change , the bright one suddent change to dark and rain fase , dust is suddent close of the view it make result of picture be different , dark and like at noon time.But it give a result of photo graphy like above.

view of the lake at half part of climbing the peak of the slope..

dust is closed our seek when arrive at the peak of slope and this time is drizzle to fly from the we must waiting for a moment untill a dust is bring to anothers place by the wind.

Small village at one part of valley in dieng plateu not so clearly because of thin dust stil close the area. Must be know some of area is still close because have a gas that dangerous for man and live . This gas consist of  CO 2 that bring by allow a crater.

small way that used to climbing this peak , must be carefull and so dangerous when rain or drizzle time.

walking beside of the warna lake , step by step make my life is so great mind

shadow in water ....seldom moment picture ..eternal in the photography

Semar cave , place where one of indonesians president had pray in this cave . When we arrive in this cave t from and he door that make iron is locking and we just can peep at.

cumur cave is another place locations beetwen warna lake and papilon lake , it believe as give healthy and can recovery all of illness and sick.This water is believe have a magician power if used in our skin and face

rain is closed our tour in this place at 11.00 wib 

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