Friday, January 4, 2013

Dieng plateu gate , my first sensation target travelling in centre of java

Ramzi smart travel | Dieng plateu | Dieng plateu is my big dreaming target to realization seek , feel and stay in the end of this year 2012 and celebrate my new year 2013.Some information that collecting before from internet and television or magazine want to be evidence at this moment.i had deside to to at the end of this year . Some permit letter had realized to save my job place desember 28 , 2012 is the begin time. to reach dieng need 4 hour from semarang and 45 minute from wonosobo by a car . This time is still in predicion but if you start away at the day time may be you must think a crowded road as a consideration about time.

We are going to dieng at night time arrive at wonosobo at 05.45 wib in the moring and get breakfast for 30 minute and continius away to our target place a high land dieng .

Tell a highlander dieng because this area are more than 2000 metre from sea surface as you see in the picture that thin cloud or tin dust still cover the surface off dieng plateu area.and this morning feel so cool , according of the dieng people if the temperature is very low some time we can see a snow in this locations. This black well come gate is tell wellcome to dieng plateu , I am not sure ebout word of plateu  because term of plateu as we know is same with fracture or breaking in the bone of human or animal .So this term is cand used and adoptions to terminology of the geology...may be. what ever this terms is application and known by much of people in indonsia.Let's we used it..

Wellcome gate to dieng plateu , this morning still lonely many car or people are see without crowded and stagnant or turbulen stream of  traffict the day time may be this road is full by cars , bus , motor cycle and sure many people that pass away.

Before arrived at dieng area we must pay a ticket for about 5 thousand rupiah for an adult people , i think in low cost just  for maintenence fasility , man as an official and enhance money circulation at this area .If we are comparible with traveling destination in our neighbour country like singapore and malaysia this ticket is far  from value ticket in both of that country. So did not affraid to pay just for 5 thousand rupiah to enhance local people economic.

As long as the highway road to dieng we will found a turn to tambi agrotravelling at right side . This plase can be a traveling destination for the hubbies of the tea .Some tea garden are exist in this place with the guide will follow and explain how tea process from pick the tip of leaf tea , process drying and finish when drink a cup of tea.

If assumtion distric of wonosobo is cool temperature just about 1400 metre above sea level can you describe how cool the place with 2000 metre above the sea surface . calm , cool and lonely place is meet when my car first arrived at triple cross road at centre of dieng .

 Just a small town that allow to developed agrotraveling area , nature traveling area , geotravelling place and history travelling area . And may be can be developed with kuliner area , gift area , art area and other its depending to the dieng government .

 And fuction of  me and my blog and some others similar blog is to promote , information and publication to all off the world so indonesia will be a travelling purpose and destination of the creature of world . Enhance your service to the guest and give people your smile with frendly , close and chummi.

Big part of dieng people is a moslem but some culture and ancestor religions still beleive and describe in the life style and traditional law every day.Some of buddha and hindu sculpture or call in indonesia as a candi that make from the hard stone that carved or chisel to result best relief  .

This mosque is have a spesific in shape and may be the big one from many other in this area that give name a baiturrahman mosque.This mosque is not far from the triple cross road dieng , where if you turn to the right way is came in to dieng that consist of banjarnegara district and if you turn to the left it means you came in to dieng that part of  district wonosobo . Some traveling area is scattered in this area.

On the left turn we can see some home stay are stand in line position and the way to the colouring lake or more famous as indonesia term call as telaga warna is about 1 km from this left turn.Also we can see a dieng plateu theatre , sikidang crater , old  neglected mushroom house , and candi arjuna and museum.

a small way to my home stay

My home stay just for 225.000 IDR a day. its a demarcations between dieng wonosobo and dieng banjarnegara.

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