Sunday, January 6, 2013

Kuil Sam poo kong or Cheng ho Semarang an old story of chinese exspeditions track

Ramzi Smart travel | Kuil sam poo kong | is a kuil that build by a chinese whose live in semarang as a mark that sam phoo kong or more famous as laksamana cheng ho with his exspedition team ever been stay in semarang about 1603 -1616 . Cheng ho alone is beliave as a moslem and was born and adult in yunan thats part of chinese nations which is big part of people there was a moslim until know.

Wide parking area is ready for the guest or for people whose go to pray in the kuil

For a guest or visitor we must pay a ticket in this place . Price of the ticket is 7000 IDR for one adult person , than we can entrence for the side of the ticket box.

This place is just an old building without known whats the story , we need a guied man to know what a story so we must pay a guide for an up to the guest. Without explain we just saw a building in this place.

Two kuil in the middle place is a pray place for the semarang chinese people or other for honestly to the grandfather and as you see in the left side is a building that describe a moslem cheng ho building with the islamic ornamen like green colour , some things that knock before adzan thats make from a goad or cow skin and kiblat directions to ka'bah in macca. But nothing moslem activity here ..

There is three type of the building in this place , true kuil in the middle , islamic ornamen model in the left side and last is jawanese stile building . This building is different with the other where is a fourth side of the roof is go down , according of the guide it describe that income is without save in different with pure chinese roof where it up on the tip . it describe a save income in the future ...its true ...hahaha i am also not sure.

north gate where the cheng ho sculpture is stand up at this side

Middle one where is chinese people always used to pray 

Picture in the roof is not real in this time , it mean that it just and ilusion or imajinations like fish have leg and foot , a mand ride a chick and some animal that never seen befora,

Cheng ho sculpture is believe as a biggest cheng ho in the world 

This is a monumen of cheng ho history at the foot of  cheng ho sculpture

This place is a cave that believe where laksamana cheng ho back to china , is according of the guide , like a mistic story. believe or not its up to you.

Three big candle is for pray one is price an about 70 milion IDR that support of many corporate , that fire can always live for 1 year.

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