Thursday, January 10, 2013

Carica fruit dieng , a small papaya like fruit that live and growth in dieng plateu

Ramzi smart travel | calica fruit | specific fruit from dieng , it just found in dieng highland in hing about 2000 metre from sea surface. especially at cool temperature . This calica tree like a papaya tree and 
also about the leaf its i think similar but calica fruit is different with a papaya fruit , small meanwhile papaya is bigger more then 3 times .

Carica also call as a mountain papaya that can live at a hagh place between 1500-3000 metre from sea water surface.carica is also we can found at bali island and call as gedang memedi . the origin place of this fruif is came from highland place in andes at american countries.

this carica fruit is small and have a shape like and egg or oval shape. wide is about 6-10 cm and wide is about 3-4 cm. carica fruits is consist some vitamin and mineral like C and A , same carbohydrat and also production of papain .

This carica fruit is bring to indonesia from andes , America by a Nedherland colonial when world war II at 1945.and now this fruit is be a specific fruit from dieng.

Carica fruit is now is developed as a specific gift or hand gift from dieng in many shape process like change be a fruit syrup concentrate , Juice , manisan or say as sweety teste fruit  , jam , jelly and others shape prosedure.

This a carica fruit that live and growth at the edge of telaga warna or warna lake with a small shape fruit in this fruit is still young so the colour  dominant is  green.

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