Sunday, September 9, 2012

Central Park Mall Have Bicycle parking : a leading think to green .

Ramzi smart travel | bicycle parking | central park mall | Central park mall is a mall the mal that locations in S parman street west jakarta . In a podomoro city place thats belongs og agung podomoro group.Thia mall is take place beside of taman anggrek mall.

At central park mall , we can see a bicycle park as seen in this picture , so exclusive and nice to see . for us as guest in this place it seem to be green think because make a bicycle have a place in locations as luxurious as central park.For me this is the first time to see the scenery like this and it must promote to be increase the habitual to used a bicycles especially in jakarta , as a very crowded city in Indonesia .

So to make a fresh and clear air in jakarta why not you can try to be used a bicycle to shopping in mall - mall in jakarta.

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