Monday, September 17, 2012

Post office centre medan : old destination had build at 1912

Ramzi smart travel | post office centre medan | old post office centre in medan had build at 1912 by holland government . This office had stand with strong as long as that time , wide of the wall is a specific building of holland building.Actually so much holland building stand up in this locations. like a old medan chief office ( kantor walikota medan ) and now this building had joint to the aston hotel.

Post office picture that get at august 2012 from dharma deli hotel

picture take from the edge of street in front of Bank Indonesia , we can see a betor or becak motor . Its a motorcycle that can bring more than two or three pasangger

Until now this building still function as a post office , as seen this building just painting and  maintenence to support its exsistention

Anothers view from the sky bridge with monument of mandiri bank , putri hijau highway and merdeka  wide ground with merdeka walk as medan food centre as background.

post office centre medan , abstract picture

Post office centre medan with full abstract picture

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