Monday, September 3, 2012

Koto Gadang traditional embroidary , High art quality that you must lookingfor for gift and collections

Ramzi Smart travel | Koto gadang traditional embroidery | Koto gadang traditional weaving is a hand made that make by koto gadang women in a kotogadang village.Design of embroidery of original shawl from koto gadang is very variatif and the design is different from one to the other . That make the original shawn from koto gadang village is specific and very limited production thats why this product dificult to looking for and if you find the product it believe have hight value of price.

the black one with combine  red,yellow ,green and other and design of the edge of the shawl make it special .Embroidery of this shawl is call as "suji cair"

This embroidery is also suji cair with base is red one , with long of time to finishing this shawl is about 30 untill 40 days for one shawl.

This shawl is call as kalengkang its only used by a widow women orsinggle parent woment.

Long shape of of the red shawl

This shalw is called as suji terawang a shawl with base green silk and or lenan material .

                  This one is also called as suji tarawang with base gray colouring                  

blues shawl with dominant silver embroidary good combination with a blue clothing , especially for a democrate women , this will describe as mark of democratic party

close design of the embroidary in the shawl with good combination in colouring

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