Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tapak tuan Helipad : from a helicopter landing place to relax and destination place

Ramzi smart travel | tapak tuan helipad | this helipad is function before 1980 as a place to landing of helicopter . Some of higer potitions in government in medan , banda aceh or jakarta in thats time use  this helipad as a fast transportation to tapaktuan.

As we know that tapak tuan before 1980 is dificult to reach by bus or car from medan , because nothing road connected from medan via sidikalang . So if we want to go to tapak tuan we must used a ways from banda aceh or use a ships or use a helicopter.

Dr M Hatta had arrived in tapak tuan used a ship but near in 1970 to 1980 the helicopter is used by the hight potition in government like minister or gubernur if want to fast arrived in tapak tuan.he road is

Now much of tapak tuan people can go to medan by a car or bus , because the road had connecting from tapak tuan to subulussalam - sidikalang - kabanjahe - medan . and you will pass a wide and smooth enough road and far from crowded so you can drive more speed .

This halipad is take a place  in millitary dormitory with postion more higher from the home.But the car can reach this location but we must be carefully because the way is too high and must used a 1 gear and have a hard turn righ before reach a flate area.

The destination above helipad on the right is part of tapak tuan city that exist on the edge of the sea , in front of us is sea view and on the left is highway to medan and beautiful hill and sea

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