Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kolak durian kulliner in front of north sumatera university hospital medan

Ramzi smart travel | kuliner cold kolak durian | North sumatera university hospital | Kolak durian is a kuliner that consist of  banana , sugar , durian , exstrak of coconut , and  ketan . In front of North sumatera hospital and north sumatera university is always ready a few of cold kolak as long as Dr mansyur street padang bulan. especially in a day or afternoon cold kolak is feel so nice.

Waiting of kolding that had order before untill viewing a north sumatera university.Cold drink on the hot day is feel so fresh

This is north sumatera university that had build in USU location at padang bulan region medan.This hospital is the first hospital that will be usu education center that belongs of usu as  under education departement of indonesia.

Viewed of north sumatera university hospital , that finish build in this years . but may be used in nears time.This building is locations nears from North sumatera university.So this adventage for eyhe ducation in usu in future.

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