Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How wonderful , closing ceremony of indonesian national sport competition riau 2012

Ramzi smart travel | closing ceremony indonesian national sport competition | closing ceremony of the indonesian national sport competitions had been doing in main stadium riau in SM amin street in riau university locations pekanbaru at september 20 , 2012 . The ceremony is so amazing and so hypnotic the people in all of main stadium with traditional dancing , sing of the national singers,parade of the atlit , variations of the laser light and the last is full firework demonstrations

We were go to the riau main stadium to watching a live attraction of the step by step the ceremony from begins untill finish :

at 7.00 pm the main stadium begin to fill slowly , and the pon fire still alive

laser light with blue colouring make a stadium so brighting and we can see first season of firework

Indra bekti and partner is opening the close seremony jn the centre of the stadium wjich close with a white base.

a traditional dance as a koreografer by local riau community , make it dance so beautiful and nice to see with a laser combination

podium and a ships that call " perahu lancang kuning" on the sea in the night.

parade atlit in the vice president podium with three symbol of pon riau a serindid bird as a spesific bird from riau.

all of atlit had concentrate in the centre of stadium

a wide monitor presented a various back ground picture

wathing a firework from inside stadium make it so amazing and it continius for more then 15 minutes.

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