Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Venues PON XVIII : Spectaculer venues which riau belongs

Ramzi smart travel | Venues PON XVIII riau | best venues that riau people belonging | PON XVIII has pass away and three sucsess about place of competition , succsess in prestation and sucsess in economic for people and promotions may be had been reach.But the side effect after that competitons for  riau and the people of riau have few stadium and venues with a national and international standard. So we hope the stadium and venues will increase sport prestation of riau people in level national or world class.

This is a few of venues and stadium that i can colecting in this moment :

Main stadium riau , take a picture when we come to the closing ceremonial of PON XVIII at September , 20 , 2012 in a UNRI locations.

Aquatic venues its also build in rumbai pekanbaru , this building is also build especial for PON XVIII Riau

venues wushu , describe a spesific shape like a round pet with a red and yellow strip that cross above of the tip of the roof.

Venues gymnastics in rumbai pekanbaru too

this a basket ball venues that build in rumbai pekanbaru espesial for PON XVIII

A big venues atletic , its venues also stand up in rumbai pekanbaru

Venues silat pon xviii in bangkinang ,district kampar

Offroad track venues bangkinang district kampar . view from 2 floor silat venues

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aroengbinang said...

Fantastic! Hope that all the facilities will be well maintained and long lasting, not just like those in some other cities ...


yes i am agree that this facilities must be maintainance for a long time.Actually in oktober this year will doing a competitions for all blemish indonesians people and islamic solidarity game for about 54 islamic country on 2013.We hope this fasility will maintenence and must be better .tq