Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hill hotel and resort , first stay best exsperience in sibolangit

Ramzi smart travel | Hill hotel and resort | a best place to stay  in sibolangit and be a one of many choice for a people of medan city whose spend the time for holiday.Sibolangit is more near from medan then berastagi with cool temperature so make stay in hill hotel and resort make so nice.

Hill hotel and resort is a place that locations in sibolangit on the right side of the medan berastagi highway . Sibolangit is a cool season city because of high land of this area . distance of sibolangit maybe about 42 km from medan .

To reach of the hotel we must pass away of the green hill city about 100 meter and must turn to the right and come in to the location way in about 200 meter , you will found a securities post.

Then we will found a lobby hotel in the right place , after drop a passangger you must parking in the parking area.In this case we had reservations the rooms before.

view of the lobby hotel with location beside of cafe and bar area

spesific fasility of the hotel is to bring a passengger and it bagagge by a golf car and  very like by a child so some time they will always request to used this car.

The villas location that we had used for one day with good enough fasility

Room fasility that we can see from the door

One pools fasility from many pools that ready in this hotel

Swans is swimming in the pools with relax

Bamboo forest in side of the hotel fasility with jogging track

Flaminggo cafe one of the hotel fasility that ready any type of coffee like cappucino , coffee latte and others , also ready a billiard table and can used by the guest.But the table only ready one so if the hobbiest is much we must queue.

Swimming pool beside of the flaminggo cafe

Gazebo in centre of the pool when rain is fall to the earth.

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