Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Aqua berastagi production : water is flowing so far away...

Ramzi smart travel | Aqua berastagi |One of Aqua is production in berastagi on the base of sibayak mountain . Aqua had production billions qubic health and pure water to the big part of indonesians people . and until now is seldom we hear and know any complain of the consumers about the water. We hope this is to be continius for the furture with an excellent product.

PT tirta sibayakindo as a company that eksist for more than 20 years old and always production of aqua untill now this company had joint by a danone company , this company still exist.and pure water always production from the sibayak land.

This company adrees is in medan-berastagi highway km 55 doulu vilage , karo land north sumatera.

This picture is a pabrican of aqua that we can see from peak of corn

Bus to bring an aqua in and out send aqua in any shape and capacity to riau , aceh , north sumatera , jambi west sumatera , south sumatera , malaysia , singapure and others. so .. the water is flowing so far away. In aceh and riau we are always buy in about 21.000 IDR for 1 gallons. for product 1,5 litre is about 9.000 IDR.And we can compare with a oil that only 4.500 for 1 litre.

this building is stand up beside of the medan - berastagi highway

so much gallons are ready to reused with a free water that came from sibayak " stomach " land . And until know we still buy an aqua for my family life i don't know why ...may be , because its too expensive..??

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