Thursday, September 13, 2012

kulliner Roti jala combine with red sugar in traditional party bangkinang

Ramzi smart travel | Roti jala | Traditional kulliner from bangkinang riau is different with roti jala from medan or India.Roti jala from bangkinang riau is same with roti jala others  in shape. but in bangkinang roti jala is combine with red sugar jelly .

In medan or india is alwya combine with goat kari , that so nice to eat and some time goat kari is also can combine with martabak . Roti jala is make from dry powdered of rice and others. some time in bangkinang riau roti jala is combine with a kolak pisang ( consist of banana , sugar and santan that c
ome from exstrak coconut ).This traditional kulliner is always ready in every party or other in bangkinang.

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