Sunday, September 9, 2012

Shangrilla hotel : viewed from swimming pool at back hotel .

Ramzi smart travel | shangrilla hotel jakarta | Shangrilla hotel jakarta is a hotel with 5 star in jakarta where location beside of BNI tower in center sudirman street.This hotel had used to stay by american president " obama ".

Shangrilla hotel have a familiar swimmingpool in the back of hotel as hotel fasility for the guest , the swimming pool have pool for childrens and adult.When i am sitting in the pool , i saw a hotel from the back i see it far from busy conditions as in lobby so.... i take it picture.

Swimming pool for a children and beside of this pool is adult pool.A few coconut tree make view of the hotel tobe nature i feel like in village situation.

The way to the pool from hotel , that seem to be beautiful with flat granit stone and flower in both of the way side.

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