Monday, September 17, 2012

Cadika hill : a unbright beautiful highland in bangkinang

Ramzi smart travel | cadika hills | Cadika hills is a highland in bangkinang where you can see a bangkinang city from above. This place is have fresh air in the day or afternoon moment and much people young or adult go there just for relax or spend time in the noon to see a sun set while seek a beautiful city of bangkinang.

Actually this place had been official appointment by second Indonesia president it is president soeharto in green centre ceremonial 20 th at Desember , 23th 1980.The monument had sculpt and fixation on a black stone and place in a opening room like a terrace.

Cadika hill its really have potention to be travel and tour purpose and must be maintenence and prepare from waste , plastic , make a playing ground lamp for the night time so make it avoiding for a sosial illness in the kampar people.The old building must be painting and decorations and renovations .

I think this place have potentiation to be a travel purpose if prepare and manage as serious tour and travel place purpose.So allow of this blog i want to invite and do challange by the kampar government ,especially for travel unit to get interest and developed this area.

As we know that this road is a main road to the new government centre from bangkinang city , where at PON XVIII much people used this road as a way to the sport centre of bangkinang like venus off road and venus silat , but this place may be forgotten to be interesting of us to developed.

This competition is not finished because still much event will be doing in riau especially in bangkinang so let's we prepare and developing some potential locations that we have.

Some old building that build for long time ago but seem not beautifull and need touch of the hand of estetically and painting.Wall of the building is full with a scratching and dirty . so we need a profesional manage for this place.

Some of road is break and it can be pass by car or motor cycle but it did not sign that information of this condition and as i know that the road has broken for more than 3 years.

Beautifull view that we can see from the highland cadika hill so for the future we can spend our noon time in this place as we hope.Like drink a cup of coffee latte in a beautifull decoration shop with viewing a bangkinang city from above while a wind flying our hair and face.

Is it just a dreams , or long dreams that never make me wake up ????

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