Friday, August 3, 2012

Batu cave make me tired and phobia to climbing but....

Ramzi smart travel | Batu cave | Batu cave at Kuala lumpur highway is a place that big part of the hill wall is concist of hard stones.And at the wall is lie a cave about 2 tunnels but this cave locations is high enough to be climbing.Sure that it have a thousand stairs but really that its make me so tired to reach this cave.

Locations  of batu cave is in selangor , its about 13km from kuala lumpur and this place is a holy place for a hindust people in malaysia.

The hindust tallest sculpt in kuala lumpur malaysia it see in front of.The intersting of this place is a place is with a temples is lie in a cave where a murugan god stand in front of cave in high about 43 meter.It beleive that the murugan god sculpt is the highest hindu sculpt in the world.Every years on february is always existing a thaipusam festival here.

We can found three cave above , If you want to came in to the first cave you must followed a group tour with a guide.This cave is dark so called also by a dark came in you must pay for about a hundret ringgit malaysia.

To reach this place you must up step the stairs in about 272 step leadder.For an old man or people whose have a cardiac problem it better avoided to get above.And at this locations you also can found so much of monkey and dont distrub this animal . We also dont know is this animal have injection with rabies immunizations?

If you not a hindus you can take place with your shoes but for the hindust people they must used foot only without shoe or others.

To go to this place , that easy by teksi , because it near enough from Kuala lumpur , with cost about 10 RM - 15 RM.If you used a bus you can go from Titi wangsa stations with Rapid KL Rute U6. But you must tell to the driver that you will go to batu cave,and ask to the driver that you will stop at batu cave.

If you came from China town at  bus Nr 70 and 349 . or if you used train , use KTM commuter from KL central and stop at sentul stations.

At 1860 , china people start to explore this place as a fertilization of its vegetable.An this hill is be famous when a colonial like daly and sayers and  William hornaday an americans people had promote in 1878.
Batu cave had promote as a hindus holy place by K shamboosamy Pillai , a Indias trader.He is inspirated from the gate and take inspiration to dedicated a temple to murugan god inside of this cave.

One of three cave that lies beneath oh the others.gate of the third cave can be reach in without used stairs like the others.The name of cave is ramayana cave on the left side of the place when we arrive to this location.On the way to the ramayana cave exist in a hanoman sculpt with tall about 15 meterThe opening ceremony of this cave is make in november 2001.

The longest cave is a dark cave that deepest cave i n about 360 meter,meanwhealt the main cave only deep in about 170 meter and high of the roof from base in about 100 meter.With the sun rise that came in to the cave throughout a small hole in the wall of cave.  

Because of wide the main cave , this place with also flate base that why this place is always used as a malaysian hindu tamil people religious ceremonial.

I thinks because the monkey is have position in hindust people as hanoman may be thats as a reasons so much monkeys there may be . But the real condition that you must be carefull to face this monkeys because this animal some time thief bag or some think that you bring there.

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