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Senggigi beach hotel a villa around the beach in lombok

Ramzi smart travel | Senggigi beach hotel | Senggigi beach restaurant | Senggigi beach hotel was build by prototype sasak ethnic at lombok , where is the room with s few building that one group have 4 rooms at first floor and 4 room at second floor.All of the room is facing to the senggigi beach.This hotel also have a restaurant and pool for swimming, and also with the clean beach and a jogging track that i had do it in the morning time before swimming.

This Senggigi beach hotel is take place inside of beatiful beach in lombok . You can reach a senggigi hotel from new lombok airport in about 1 hour and 30 minute.And from denpasar is about 30 minute to new lombok airport.actually from old lombok airport which in mataram city is only about 20 minute to senggigi but from 6 month ago the new airport had used .

All of the room at hotel have TV with tea and coffee fasility ,hot and normal water shower , freezer , mini bar and others . This room also have single and double bed with a garden and beach view.Others fasility and service is 3 restaurant , 2 bar , shooping gift and shopping boutique . Telex and faximile , post service , loundry and others.

your holiday will be a unique sensation , because of the spesific food like taliwang chicken and plecin vegetable.Thats so familiar in the tongue.Combine of calm , clean garden and sound of sea water streaming make it so romantism , make your holidays so perfect.

Management of Senggigi beach hotel as we know is also joint with management of garuda indonesia air ways.That management will be sinergy to enhance profit both of the companies.

Senggigi beach hotel have 104 garden room , 44 beach bungalow and 2 deluxe bungalow . this hotel also have sport facility  like tennis , swimming pool , table tennis , volley ball , badminton and jogging track.

one of gift and souvenir shops inside of this hotel , it sell sculpt , clothing , and pearl that so famous from lombok . pearl divided as two type the thrue pearl and non original pearl.this thrue pearl is more expensive than the non original pearl.Some had made ring , liontine , neck ear accessories and others.

This is a villa hotel that partof sea view , inside of the edge also have a beach land and a children can playing in the beach

A jogging track beside of the sea make from paving block so every morning you can running or marathon or jongging in this track meanwhile see and inspiratio0n of air that sea water smell.So nice , so hypnothyc and so sensation.I had do jongging for twice when  stay in this hotel.

Back view of the villa is view from garden in the night when first time at came in to this hotel area at july 8 , 2012.This hotel didn't have wi-fi fasility in the room . so you must go to the restauran or lobby hotel to get connect with wi-fi.

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