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Legian street kuta at night time , with monument bomb of bali view

Ramzi smart travel | monument bomb of bali | Legiant street kuta | Monument bomb of bali had build and stand up in legian street kuta as a memoriable for victim of bomb bali which had killed so much people'

Its tragedy on 12 October 2002 in the tourist district of Kuta on the Indonesian island of Bali. The attack was claimed as the deadliest act of terrorism in the history of Indonesia  according to the current police general, killing 202 people, (including 88 Australians, and 38 Indonesian citizens). A further 240 people were injured.

In the night much people take a picture in this monument , sit and relax , or just stand in fron of monument , see the name of victim and others.

legian street is a street that live more in the night , hard music is always continius untill morning came.Dance and lamp is mixed that we can see and hear untill to the street.So if we were walking in the legian street it also can make you dance.As we know allowing the stability and security more increase the trauma that cause of the bomb more decrease and we hope it loose step by step . And volume of tourist came to bali increase every years.And we hope this tragedy not be recurent again for along time.

Walking and shopping in bali is like a real dreams , so much product Tsirt , bluse , scalf , bag , shoes , gymic , and other sell in this location . Hand made product national or international much expose in the shop or store as long as your walk.pedesterian and clean of the road make you happy and like to spend your time and your money here.

part of the shops as long of a legian street.they paddle hawk some gift and other art material as to bring as a gift for family if back from bali.I must honestly to tell in this moment that creativity and inovation of balis people is amazing . So much waste material that can change at the hand of bali people to be a high value art and gift.Like bottle , wood , tree , metal , mirror , iron , stone , others and others.

When i am traveling in bali , a minister of travelling and tour of malaysia hadvisite to bali , they are studied how about tips and trick enhance malaysia visite tourism from bali.I think its combine from attitude , religion , fasility , infrastructure , acomodation , security , and art minded of the bali people.and sure that bali island is very beautiful as a excellent facility from God .

A permanent memorial was built on the site of the destroyed Paddy's Pub on Legian Street. (A new bar, named "Paddy's: Reloaded", was reopened further along Legian Street). The memorial is made of intricately carved stone, set with a large marble plaque, which bears the names and nationalities of each of those killed. It is flanked by the national flags of the victims. The monument is well-maintained and illuminated at night.
The memorial was dedicated on 12 October 2004, the second anniversary of the attack. The dedication included a Balinese Hindu ceremony and the opportunity for mourners to lay flowers and other offerings. The Australian ambassador and Indonesian officials attended the ceremony.

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