Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ria - rio restaurant a best seafood in malalayang beach

Ramzi smart travel | Ria-rio restaurant and cafe | best seafood in malalayang beach | manado |Manado is famous with the sea and beach travelling .When arrived at samratulangi air port from pakanbaru with transit in jakarta with lion air at july 2009 we just check in at menara peninsula hotel that we was book 1 month ago.after take our bagasi and others . We feel so hungry and the sound of my intestine and gaster was so heard.We deside to take a food in seafood place at malalayang beach manado north sulawesi.

At ria-rio restaurant you can choice what food that likes.Fish , crab ,jelly fish ,and other.Than you ask to cook to the chef like sweetacid , dry cook or drill fish,dril rica-rica and others

Some manado spesific dessert food like dry banana add with chilli sauce.You can think how about thats sebsation.

This is at the moment when waiting our order in the ria-rio restorant . This restaurant is take place in the right side of tanawangko street kalasey manado that a highway street that conecting of big city in the sulawesi island or always call as trans sulawesi street.

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raul kaul said...

I would love to go there.
Thanks for sharing it.