Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jimbaran beach at the night , so romantism beach and kulliner

Ramzi smart travel | Jimbaran cuisine resto | jimbaran night kuta bali , take a dinner at the night cuisine seafood jimbaran bali is so exotic , cool and friendy in the ear the sound of sea wave . and the wind is flow feel so cool in the face.

Jimbaran beach and the famous Jimbaran Bay are located on Bali's southwestern coast of the narrow isthmus connecting the Bali mainland and the Bukit Peninsula. The beach and the bay of Jimbaran offers small secluded areas, where tranquility and peace are the perfect antidote to a stressful world.

Take a seafood in this place is so so nice , romantise and beautiful. Order a crob and drill fish wirh a hot rice , vegetable and lemonise drink it make my gaster be full and the wind flow make me want to sleep in my chair.its really high cost enough but simillar with the sensations of the dinners.

Jimbaran area and kedongan is famous as a village than production of fish as much of the peoples job as a sailor. So long time ago much of people make reso and cafe especially for seafood kulliner.

When arrive at the first one in the cuishine resto jimbaran at 21.00 wit , i take picture in front of the cuishine at jimbaran street . you can choose some of seafood resto and cafe here thats is a seafood kulliner and others.

In order of seafood in the kitchen you can choose whats seafood whose do you like , thens the koki or chef will cooking as you order . for example driil fish , dry fish , sweet acid fish cooking and onthers.

Eat at the beach in the night is a special situation with a small lamp , wind and sound of the sea wave make this situation to be romantism if you go with family or special friends.Some time a special groups music will come to our table to sing a song as we order.

A few corn drill trader always stay in some point of the beach so if you want to eats corn drill you also can buy in this place.

Tourism in Jimbaran has increased rapidly so that it has boosted the local economy, but was devastated by the 2005 Bali bombings when suicide bombers struck at two popular warungs (restaurants) along the beach. However, the tourism industry has recovered. Diners select the live seafood that they wish to eat, and it is immediately prepared, generally grilled over a fire of coconut husks rather than charcoal.

Jimbaran is location in the neck of nusa dua at below region of bali island

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