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Sunan drajad grave lamongan and sunan giri grave gresik

Ramzi smart travel | Sunan drajad grave | Sunan giri grave | Sunan drajat dan sunan giri grave is a religious place where always as sacral place by a local people , that some time to take a pray to the god allow this grave . actually this habit is wrong but it has be tradition in big part of people.The sunan drajad grave is take location in lamongan and sunan giri grave take location in gresik.

 To go to a sunan drajad gate we always saw  a hill that white colour and allow small bright if the sun shine for example in twilight time. I am not sure if for 5 years from now this hill still exist because so much people do activity of mining , that will disturb a beautifull view there.

Lamongan is a place of Sunan drajad grave that stand on sirface of a hill that not flat and so much a three live there. The three was about a hundrets years ago.The building of the edge , gate , mosque , and building is still original with the javanese old design.

Influenze of the hindust culture can be found at gate art that similar with the sculpt on prambanan temple and wringin wetan temple.This not be lloss of interest from the lamongan distric governmen with renovations and make more wide a location of Sunan drajad grave . And now had building a praying add area on north of grave . And than also build a museum of sunan drajad as a referencies of islamic javanese culture.

Sunan giri or Syekh Maulana Malik Ibrahim at gresik city , sunan giri is also call as sunan gresik.This sunan is an old islamic developed in Indonesia

The sunan giri grave is take place in a centre of gresik city , that exist in high land place and if we go o this location you must walking and up stair walking that make your leg tired enough and your breath is so speeds.

To arrive at main grave you must up stairs hundred step and a long of the pedesterian some people sell any tradisional gift and food. for example brem , dodol , tetel , pudak ,inti goreng and others.

the old mosque at grave sunan giri

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