Monday, August 13, 2012

Daulat Tuanku : Amazing greeting from Malaysian kings palace

Ramzi smart travel | Daulat tuanku | Malaysians kings palace | Malaysians kings palace is a palace that build as a stay of the kings , family and staff . This building take a wide area in kuala lumpur with the high security .The palace is always stay by a king of distric king like kings of kelantan , king of perak and so on.The kings is change every 5 years.

Malaysia National palace is take place at palace street as official residence of the king of malaysia. It build and stand up above 13 acre or 50.000 m2 area.This location is at petaling hill overlooking of the klang river along syed putra street.

In front  gate of king palace is you can see a word in vertical writting that call " daulat tuanku". It means every people in malaysia must greeting a king with it call.This is a polite greeting call for a king of malaysia.

Beautiful gate will you saw when first came to this locations . combinations of white and black had colouring interior of the gate.Some guard that may be came from malaysians militery had always stand in this place.Some time  it do a ceremonial when changes of the guards . This change guard ceremonial is always doing at 12.00 every day.

If you go there you can come in to the palace for many reasons.So you only can see a king palace from the edge.This gate is opening when change of security or if vip guest will meet a king.You can see the peak of the king palace with agold  yellow colour.

The cavalry had leave a palace after take a guard change ceremonial in front of gate which  the old unuform gone and the new come in and stand up in main guardmain guard post post.

The whole area is fenced up and the Royal Insignia of His Majesty is placed on each steel bar between two pillars of the fence. At the front of the Istana Negara, there is the main entrance which resembles an arch. On each side of the arch, are two guard posts to shelter two members of the cavalry in their full dress uniform similar to the ones at Buckingham Palace, London.

King palace with a wide green area , as we was looking that a grass was pour over with a water , and we can see a malay-arabic langguage that when we call as daulat tuanku.It saw so strong , nice and glory

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