Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nusa dua beach hotel and spa : place for much Very interesting persons choice to stay

Ramzi smart travel | nusa dua beach hotel | VIP choice to stay in bali | Nusa dua beach hotel is a hotel with full fasitlity concept to stay , exclusive and beach and sea view fasility.Actually nusa dua have a few hotel with beach concept inline with nusa dua beach hotel.Like laguna beach hotel , hotel mulia bali , westin resort hotel , garden villas hotel , novotel , grand hyatt and others

First gate where the second security will checking your car and bagation with security tools and cctv camera.

Spa and sauna place  will be found at the left of your ways after pass a security check and before turn to the lobby nusa dua beach hotel. This is include in facility of hotel.

This view is in the corner of the front of lobby hotel when we turn over to the left way

Lobby hotel view from the way when we come in to the hotel

A calm beach with clean and beautiful beach in the morning time with a relax sit place make holiday so spectacular exsperience.This place also have a massage on the beach fasility

Destinations of the sky above nusa dua beach in the morning time.This group of hotel inline place at the edge of nusa dua beach you can jogging in the jogging track that make so good , beautiful and flat as a jogging track . how you think jogging with sea , beach view and also sea smell ? i had do it.

The beach sharp before arrangement by the beach guard people


Sharp of the beach after arrangement  that so beautifull.a white sand beach athes  the back of this five star hotel.

Nusa dua convention centre is a convention that take a place in front of gate to nusa dua beach hotel and spa . Some of internasional and nasional converention had doing here and the last when Congress of indonesian surgeon had doing in july 2012.

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