Friday, August 3, 2012

Dreamland beach bali at sunset moment so amazing

Ramzi smart travel | Dreamland beach | Amazing  beach  | Sunset beach . Dreamland is one of much beautiful beach in call as god island in the world.This beach so wide with high wave ot the sea streaming so for you that have hobbies to play asky dive this is to be a paradise too.

First the dreamland is still nature , but when a music group from america Michael Learn To Rock make a video shooting as video klip this beach is begin crowded , so much people swimm , take a bath in this beach , diving .

This beach now will developed as a hotel resort by tommy suharto group as a high class hotel with high vasility.Its make this beach begin dirty and minimal Fasility make it unpleasent.

It is the site of the failed Pecatu Graha development, planned by Tommy Suharto, the youngest son of the former President Suharto.As of 2008 this is an active building site with all the previous Warungs having been levelled for a hotel complex . Here are some photos that thankfully I had a chance to document them before the hotel and the new leisure spot contractor did their abracadabra to my magical Dreamland.

Some traditional people still used a tradisional shope , cafe , resto and other but not be do best in managemen , I had looking for a toilet or bathroom to take a bath and dificult water make it fasility is so minimalize . i only saw 1 place as a toilet and one place a place to take a bathh and change a cloths.So because its so seldom that make a price so high .We hope its need an interest of bali government.

And today, the new investor has ‘darely’ changed Dreamland into NEW KUTA BEACH with a golf course, a condotel operated by Best Western, and this what made me upset the most! To get to the beach you have to access it through KLAPA, an event venue (more like a failed KU DE TA wannabe to me!) and pay Rp 15,000 for car parking!!!..It used to be free to enter this beach when you are in a motorbike, or the local people will only charge about Rp 5,000 if you come by car, and that’s for village community. Oh boy…

Actually the dreamland beach from ulu watu , and in this beach yulia robert had also take one session video for her film.It describe that bali beach is so beautuful with the traditional ethnic , ritual , and pleasent of a people so don't be inverted.

One session picture with a nice sunset beach where is some children playing above the dreamland beach . It situational give another moment of the beach in the gate to the night.

The sun will go to the bedroom below of the sea , that i always looking for and the sun give me it reds bright to coloring our living that day to the day always crowded , illness , stress and others

A diving man in the transition to the night timen, the sea is saw to becalm like my heart which also give calm situation

Some old people looking for and added value and gain from massage a tourist or traveling people in the dreamland beach . If you  tired and need massage some one will meet you and if you aggree to massage by 25 thousand rupias you had massage for 30 minute.trying it ......

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