Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tampuih fruit : a spesific fruit that found in kuok

Ramzi smart travel | tampuih fruit | unique fruit | kuok | Tampuih is a unique fruit that seldom to be found . I had found this fruit when i pass in the kuok village when i will go to tandun .It sell by a small shop beside of the bangkinang rantau berangin highway. this shop is also sell an orange spesific from kuok.

This tampuih fruit in shape is smaller than a manggis fruit with clear brown in colour . Skin of this fruit is about 0,5 cm and from surface to deepest is similar colouring.some time the contains of this fruit is also clear brown and shiny . always contains in three or more part .This fruit is sweet blunt some time with soft consistention.Some time also feel asid taste on the tongue.

some writer had tell that this fruit is come from borneo or kalimantan but in the fact this fruit is much enouh found in riau forrest.Some writer also tell had see this fruit in forbidden florest in rumbio kampar , anothers had tell that foun in duri town.And 2 month ago i had saw this tampuih fruit in kuok village.

Local people had says that this fruit is so seldom . So hard to can get this fruit and thats why the price of this fruit is expensive enough . I had buys this fruit 40.000 rupiah every 1 kg.I had buy about 3 kg because i want to try how about the real taste of this fruit.

In kuok village is also famous with an kuok orange which is the skin of orange from kuok is dirty enough but when eat the taste of this orange is sweet enough.Especially if the orange is mature.

As long as our trip in this  kuok village i just found only one of the fruit shop that sell this fruit . May be because of difficult to meet this fruit in this location.

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