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Cross of love in tarutung the christ religius travel

Ramzi smart travel | the cross of love | tarutung | The cross of love that stand up in the hill of tarutung is the tallest cross of love in indonesia .

This monument is dedicated for Nommensen . Nomensen is a christ misionaris that was born on februari 6,1834 in marsch Nordstrand , North germany.The young nommensen has live in batak land in 28 years old.So he had gone from Norstrand and live in batak land for longger until he was dead in 84 years old.

His youngger time  was through with scholl in theologia at 1857 - 1861 in Rheinische Missions Gesselschaft RMG Barmen.at 15 years old.

October 1993 was build a religius area cross of love at siatas barita , where he first step at silindung . A cross that long about 31 meter was stand up there that describe his activity in batak land.
He was dead at mei 23,1918 and was resting beside of his second wife Christine hander and he doughter in sigumpar village resort silaen at toba samosir distric.He was live until the end of his live there from 1891.And on juni 29 , 1996 pasopar organization was renovation his grave to be Nomensen memorial.

To arrived in this locations is not so easy as you things , because this place is far and high enough to be reach . After used a car or motor cycle from tarutung in about 15 minute you must park your car in a parking area , than you must continius with a small road and increase so it make tired enough but fell health .

This location is below of the big cross of love that may be used for prays and other.You can see a tarutung town from this location,Nice destinations too.

In this location also make playing ground garden that cool and fresh . At  the night this cross of love will give a best destination of scenery with the nice lamp and it make tarutung as a religius town and travel site.

i had live in tarutung for 2 month when i have job as a medical doctor in tarutung hospital at 2005.So this picture is taken at that time. Tarutung is a cool season town that why i always planning to jogging but never get realizations because its climate so cooling.make sleeping is better than sport hehehe..Actually the real word is lazy.

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