Monday, October 1, 2012

had you go to kuala lumpur butterfly garden ?

Ramzi smart travel | taman rama-rama kuala lumpur | Kuala lumpur butterfly garden is a garden that
take place in kuala lumpur beside of kuala lumpur  bird park accurately in kebun bunga street and not far from malaysia independent sculpture.

Taman rama rama kuala lumpur had official announcement by Dato'DR Mazlan bin ahmad on february 1 , 1994.

this picture is front view of a came in gate of the batterfly park

a butterfly is flying inside of this place which is closed by a big net in a big locations.

dinner time of a butterfly with the honey of the flower , much butterfly is eat in the place thats make by official.

the black yellow butterfly had rest in the wall of this place.

two butterfly in line position that give unique picture

some butterflies of malaysia with spesific decorations

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