Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bangkirai hill : a traveling destinations that so sensational with canopy bridge in 50 metre bridge of bangkirai trees.

Ramzi smart travel | bukit bangkirai | bangkirai hill | is a regional nature traveling purpose that take a place in district kutai kartanegara the richest district in Indonesia . This regions is developed and belongs of inhutani east borneo. To get this traveling destinations we must use a rental car or others that used only to the locations.The distance from balik papan to bukit bangkirai is about 55 km . First we must pass away to highway line to samarinda city.Than in 38 km we must turn to the left way and we will meet a big gate of bangkirai hill traveling area.

first gate to the bangkirai hill way , where at this time yamaha also make some live consert music and activity at this locations.

Inhutani check gate , the second portal before came in to the bangkirai locations. And we also must pass away neck portal when cross the coal mining co road .

a guide are ready to give some informations and explain about the locations, to came in this locations we must pay for 20.000 IDR per person in a ticket counter and for a guide we can pay a hundred thousand rupias.

We must walking for about 500 meter to reach a canopy bridge.

a few of bangkirai big tree that stand up in line , this tree is like a jati tree and ulin tree. Bangkirai wood is also hard like ulin wood so always used by a local people as a base of the traditional house building . It so beautiful and nature of indonesian forrest tree.

first track to the bukit bangkirai in about 200 meter but make more tired because this way are gone step above with many up step way.

track two for about 300 meter before rich a canopy bridge.this locations so nature , so fresh why not , because we canot see a sun rise in the day time.

bangkirai tree with maybe 40 years old , with an appolo shape . so excotic. yes it may be a seldom experience for me.

many  root of the big bangkirai tree are cross above a small land road are seem so big.

some real rattan trees are found in this borneo bangkirai forrest tropis area.Honestly that for me this is a first experience to see in live this rattan tree. And this is will be evidence to our child  about this plant.and will be an education place in the future.

a high bangkirai tree with in line stand , with may be in 50-60 years old and close the sky by its leaft and have a high in about 60 meter from a land surface. So nature and in balikpapan with an hot temperature but at this place we never feel a hight fresh with and nature oxigen for our lung.

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