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Kutai palace museum and its collections : a wonderfull evidence of the indonesian history for our next generations...

Ramzi smart travel | Kutai palace museum | Is a museum of the kutai dynasti which is save in the kutai palace.Old building that still exist with many renovations but it still show the existencies of the ethic , law and advance of the technology in live quality and others. This palace is facing to mahakam river , the widest river in indonesias.Some tools , cloth , furniture , art and others.All of us can entrence with a ticket just for 3000 IDR per person. Some collections of the kutai palace can be seen below

view from a palace to the front way , that we can see a mahakam river spread as far as our eyes looking. A beautifull monument infront of the palace seen strong with a picture that i can understand whats the meanings it.

 As a symbol of distric kutai kartanegara , this picture is so famous in kutai people . It may describe a power to safe the palace and kings of kutai.

terrace of the kutai palace , with four old antique lamp hand hang at the plafon .

couple of chairs king and queen of the kutai palace.

This is a list of kutai kings name from 1300  Masehi untill 1960 Masehi . As we know that in history study when sit as a student at senior high school is hindust govenrnment but if we saw at 1730 name of the king had change to sultan and used a moslem name . Is it true ?

One of Picture the couple of the kutai king.

one of a weaven that produced by kutai kartanegara people.

example of neckless that consist of gold with old style of kukar.

A keris as a weapon of kutai people , that used to protect its soul and family.

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