Saturday, March 30, 2013

Muhammad cheng hoo mosque : Why it build in middle of Balikpapan - samarinda highway ?

Ramzi smart travel | Muhammad Cheng ho Mosque | Locations ofThis mosque is in the middle of Balikpapan - samarinda high way , it is on the left side if we go from balik papan , naturally at KM 50 and near from a right turn . Its really the name of this mosque is Muhammad cheng ho , with a red in colouring like a chinese ethis kuil in colouring . But so much people are used this mosque to pray here . Especially for people on trip from balik papan or opposite.

As you see , a writing in this board of the mosque is write in indonesian words and chinese words with may have a same of mean in english is Muhammad cheng hoo mosque.

it is tickle my brain to know , is laksamana cheng hoo had arrive in this area or east borneo ?

i had ask for many people that live around of this mosque , but all of people did not know about the story or history.

But i am sure that this name is have base of think about the name , maybe we must looking for a key perso whose know about it in this region. i hope some of readers or visiter to this blog whose know about the story give me comment and idea about it and thank before .

This mosque had build in 1997 , take a place near or at the edge of the high way , as we seen on the picture beside . So many people in the trip or traveling is very helped to take a pray.

As we seen so many people are get praying in the mosque , this can be evidence by many car are parking in this mosque.

As i know about cheng hoo is in :  kuil-sam-phoo-kong-or-cheng-ho-in semarang.

Exept in semarang , at surabaya we also can found a mosque that name muhammad cheng hoo mosque . May be we must looking for the map of cheng hoo way in indonesia.

This is conditions of the inside of the mosque , as i know so much people are used and pray in this place . we hope it mosque always exist and maintenence for the future .

View front of mosque , some people had a shop in opposite of this mosque.

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