Thursday, March 28, 2013

Kebun Sayur Traditional market : A famous place to shopping gift for guest when traveling to balikpapan

Ramzi Smart Travel | Pasar inpres kebun sayur | Kebun sayur inpres traditional market | Is a traditional famous market in balikpapan city , where a guest local or multinational always visiting to this market to lookingfor a traditional gift like a handmade ring , liontine , traditional cloths , neckless and traditional old tool and decorations. to reach this market may spend about 20-30 minute from centre balikpapan city . we must pass away a pertamina and oil collecting location by pass in minyak street. and also pass away a sea port balikpapan.

This market with many adv about new building or only renovations of kebun sayur market. the traders must be choice ?

Take a picture in front of shop in kebun sayur market.

so much neckless are hangging in one of the shops , many colouring that make from a stone that claims as original stone from martapura for the we know that stone from martapura is so famous in indonesia . and i had remember in thailand also famous a stone productions like in rachburries and others.

Many accessories of the car are also sell in many shops. Sell for 10.000 IDR

Bracelet from wood and stone are also sell in the shop for only 7.000 IDR.

Some shop centre in kebun sayur market are also ready batik clothing with dayak traditional design. Some traditional borneo tool like a sword , shield and pet . I feel so happy and  get sensations when used it to take a picture.

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