Friday, March 29, 2013

Canopy bridges : An adrenalin expose at sky bridges between peak of 4 bangkirai tree

Ramzi Smart travel | Canopy bridges | is a sky bridge taht make betwen four of the high bangkirai tree at 60 cm above a land surface. This bridge is build by a foreign konsultan with it donature and inhutani only facilitated place and wood and all of cost are preservasion by donatur which cost are about a billion IDR.The canopy bridge is consist of three bridge that connect all of four bangkirai tree. To climb a peak of tree it make a step ladder from a bangkirai wood . and than cross a bridge after that we can down by the preservation ladder to go down.This canopy bridge are take locations at bangkirai-hill-traveling-destinations

One of a sky bridge that we can see from a floor.

This step ladder up is star from it entrance ladder . we star to climbing this bangkirai tree for about 5-10 minute. Its really make tired and my sebaceous gland may actif to produce it consist and make my cloth is wet and sure it make my bad smell sweat change to my nose.

view to the tip , we can see so high of this bangkirai tree

First bridge that make  from a medium wire and use a safety net. when cross this bridge for the first one don not see to down ward.

Second bridge

Last bridge and the longgest bridge , handling so strong the edge of tre bridge.

 This is view of the ladder see from above rest place at the peak of tree.

after tire when climbing the tree and cross sky bridge , we can get rest and relax in the rest place . this morning is so lonely because we are go to this locations still in early morning.

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