Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sensation Soto Banjar at resto amando in balikpapan-samarinda highway...heem

Ramzi smart travel | Soto Banjar | A cup of soto banjar had therapy my hungry feel in the way to the tenggarong city , at 01.00 wib we must stop for a moment to take eat . A place that believe famous enough to eat a soto banjar with rice.and some cows dried pulmo spicy satay had be a friend of my soto. That feel so good and in many time this cup had been empty. This soto banjar is take in price 21.000 IDR a cup.

Soto banjar ayam kampung is can you try beside of the highway balik papan - samarinda in the right side . This place name amando resto are famous with a soto banjar. Many local guest are like to drop in this resto. It can evidence with many car that parking in it parking area.

Soto banjar is a spesific food of  banjar people especially at south kalimantan. It always used a village chicken with many cooking spices and a sweet wood , pala and others .With add an egg , small pieces of the chicken , some white and red cutting onion

i suggest for you to drop in for a moment and try it ....than pass a way after that...

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