Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Oceans seafood balikpapan : first sensations with wokou fish food always recording in my mind

Ramzi smart travel | Oceans seafood balik papan | wakou fish food and manado style cullinary with hot chilli sensations by the talent hand in balikpapan.This place can be found at sudirman street balikpapan not far from balikpapan plaza may be about 200 metre distance from balokpapan plaza.And we can just walking to reach this ocean seafood. This food my first sensation food when arrive in balikpapan. some friend of this cullinari is dry shrimps , jelly fish , and vegetable with melon juice.

This restaurant and cafe had stand and existing for more than 23 years and more and more developed for year to year. Some fresh fish are ready in this kichens just tell him and he will cooking for you ok chef.

Ocean resto in the way to my site place. the adventage off all that we are had order for 1 hour befora so when we arrive the food had ready in the table.If we not order yet may be we must waiting for more then 1 hour next.

Wokou fish cullinary that serve to us , red jelly soup fish with hot chilli , make my salivary gland more active to produce some metabolic enzyme. And my tongue can not compromise to be actions and far from patiens...hehehe.

a wokou fish food are take in a cup and we are had add for more then 3 times ..sorry i am so hungry. and wokou in a big plate will change place to our stomach..

meet a old friend in this sessions , tq for dr susi , as a product manager from bernofarm.

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