Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bekapai Garden : a green city garden destinations in balikpapan

Ramzi smart travel | Bekapai Garden | is a garden which can be found in balikpapan city , especially the locations in center of this town. so much green tree for many type and size than decorations many space of city. exist beside of the sudirman street , Balikpapan Elctrical office , Novotel hotel and many others big hotel others , and especialy not far from mall and food centre of the edge of the sea and sea food centre.

some sit place that in bekapai garden , can use to relax in morning or noon or twilight time with family . and it can used for free and this garden is managed by city government.

one angle view of the bekirai garden

Novotel hotel are can see at the highland back groun from bekapai garden.that so wonderful

we also can meet a map that make at the ceramic surface about balikpapan city . and above it we can see balikpapan electrical office and pool of bekapai garden.

Bekapai monumen in centre of the pool with strange decorations that we thinks it so arthistic . its so nice see in night and noon. some jogging track also can used for a people whose want to walking or running or marathon. And this bekapai garden also can visite at night time. so did not loose moment time without see this garden.

Bekapai garden monument that see from sudirman street.

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