Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lai .... A specific durian from Kutai kartanegara , believe low cholesterol..

Ramzi Smart travel | Durian Lai or pakin | is a specific fruit or specific durian from kutai or east kalimantan that i think is different with a general of durians in any place of indonesia . This lai or pakin is like a jackfruit , low or not progresive smell like a nature durian , Low of durian test sensations and low fat . Some people also says that this lai is low cholesterol. do you want to know about it ?

This durian can find at kebun sayur market balikpapan.

can you defferenting where is a durian lai or pakin and where is an original durian ? of course the lai is a small yellow one . and the big green one is a nature durian.

With 25.000 IDR you can eat and try this pakin which may be only sell in the high way balik papan - samarinda Km 55 from balik papan.

6 durian we try to eat , and when eat this lai fell like an eat a jackfruit . seldom sensations of durian . and it sure eat more dominant is sweet taste and after eat for six we feel is nothings. I am always after eat 1 of original duriang alway get and head ache , vertigo and gate a cool of sweat . but when eat this lai , i am fell steady and without head ache.

So lai is durian with friendly smell and taste , it beleive healthy for and hypertensi people whose want to eat durians ..

My driver had tell before that this fruit is beleave low cholesterol and fatty , i think it is true..

Some fruit like a dragon fruit also sell in this locations , and as long as our trip always we found a dragon fruit garden in an empty ground and around of the many people house.

The colour of lai is gold yellow , it make our tongue produce an amilase as much as it can.

so don't only see it , gi to balikpapan and try it.

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