Saturday, March 30, 2013

Governor office of east kalimantan , best view from the edge of mahakam river

Ramzi smart travel | Governor office of east kalimantan | Under govern of governor Mr awang east kalimantan always give advences from years to years . as a rich province some development had be realize in this province , infrastructure , mall and hotel , and one of that i think very best of east kalimantan , it is foot ball , where 4 of east kalimantan foot ball club han exist in playing in national event ,like  mitra kukar , persisam , persiba and others. viva east kalimantan. this is some picture of east kalimantan governor office :

in the governor office we can found a big massage in the wall of the governor office like kaltim green and visite kalimantan timur year 2013.

Position of this office is view straigh ti the mahakam river.

accessories building on the left side of main office also with massage go green.

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