Monday, March 11, 2013

Arjuna temple : make a various destinations of dieng plateu adventure

Ramzi smart travel | arjuna temple destinations | A place where some temple are stand up in the land that is part of dieng . about 5 temple with various name are exist in this locations. The first one is an arjuna temple . To reach this temple we can use two ways , first from the museum and the others from villa suharto - witham.With only pay for 5.000 IRD you can came in to the locations not expensive course. I brave to give guarranties you will hypno with a scenery about temple , temperature and picture around.

complex of the arjuna temple

A way from villa suharto-witham with only walking for 5 minute you will arrived to the temple. A paving blok road and many trees are developed beside of this road make it fresh and green so the tired is loose with this situations.

a sculpture of arjuna temple that make when jero wacik as a travel and sculpture minister .

Semar temple in front and arjuna temple as a backdround.This arjuna temple are take place in north posisitions. with 36 m 2

This is a sembadra temple , take a place in the south area and face on the west

relax in the locations untill wait an order a cup of bakso heeem so nice .

a temple from the nearest one is srikandi temple , puntadewa temple and last is sembadra temple.This temple inline posisitions with arjuna temple . Except semar temple is cross posistions.

In actions in front of srikandi temple dieng.

My daughter in one of the temple

viewed a step ladder potatoes garden around of hill make it too beautiful to be remember and make my dream are hallucinatian.

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