Thursday, March 7, 2013

Soto sinar deli medan best cullinary in medan .delicious

Ramzi smart travel | Soto sinar deli medan | This is one of my favorite food in medan and may be this place so famous for the mind set of medan people. just for information that this cullinary had existing in medan before i had live and stay in medan for more than 25 years ago. I am not sure when soto sinar medan begin in that place. with thick gravy that make from ekstract coconut , combined with meat , chicken and others make the teste of soto sinar deli medan enhance and thrill in the tongue.

With the price in about 20.000 IDR this soto can be combine with a rice . I always eat for more that a cup of  this cullinary. This place is always full book especially in the sunday morning where so much people whose had jogging and sport get breakfast this cullinary.

Many chips that made in dry conbined with shrimp , it will be a friend of the soto when you need will make you eat is very delicious and forget with situations around it and you will know after that the people is so much and crowded aroun of your site.

To arrive this locations is did not so hurt , stand  beside of the high way and near from the mall medan fair , and merdeka and benteng open ground or near from santika and arya duta hotel . Make it easy to visite by the guast .

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